About us

  • At Medical Minds, we are dedicated to empowering medical device manufacturers and healthcare professionals alike to leverage data from pre- and postmarket clinical development and support the publication process.

    Based in the heart of Switzerland and founded in 2013, our commitment to high- quality medical and regulatory writing services drives us to continuously push the boundaries, striving to enhance clinical research and development and improve healthcare.

    Specialized in medical and regulatory writing, we offer high-quality writing services, nurturing evidence-based medicine and eventually improving patient care.


Core Team

  • Bruno Walter


    Managing Director

    +41 31 521 50 60

  • Payal Bhatia


    Senior Medical & Regulatory Writer

  • Hannah Parker


    Senior Medical & Regulatory Writer

  • Claire Roseren


    Medical & Regulatory Writer

  • Eveline Spahr


    Senior Scientific & Administrative Assistant

Extended team

  • For medical writing, we partner with experienced copy editors who have a strong background in English language and linguistics, scientific communication, and academic publishing. For regulatory projects, we collaborate with a network of experienced freelance R&D specialists to offer high-quality services in verification & validation, biocompatibility, packaging, and other nonclinical regulatory topics.


  • Open Positions

    We currently have no open positions.

  • Unsolicited applications

    Are you interested in joining the team or working as a freelancer? We are keen to get to know talented and inspiring individuals with a solid regulatory and / or medical background.

    We are looking for highly motivated team players with a proven track record in the medical device or another highly regulated industry in the fields of medical writing, R&D, regulatory affairs, medical affairs, or clinical research. Additionally, you should be willing to take responsibility and have solid knowledge of scientific working methods paired with excellent oral and written English language skills, great attention to detail, and good time management skills even when times are hectic.

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