Medical Communications

How do you convince your customers and stakeholders of your new product or service? How do you capture a complex medical topic into a simple and compelling story?

Since evidence-based medicine forms the backbone of our health care system, we believe that convincing messages have an integral scientific core. Medical Minds adds evidence-based value to your medical communications, tailored to your target audience.

Our medical writing services include:

  • Scientific publication and presentation
    • Journal articles / manuscripts
    • White papers
    • Abstracts and handouts
    • Conference posters
    • Slide decks
  • Scientific promotional material
    • Scientific brochures and further promotional material
    • Medical writing for websites of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, health care providers, research institutes, etc.
    • Evidence-based claim sheets
  • Medical education
    • Patient educational material
    • Sales force training manuals and e-learning
    • Scientific information for health care providers and governmental institutions